In the United States military forces, war dogs are associated with the troops and they take significant part in the war game. The SEAL Team Six and the most popular "Soldier Dog" named Cairo were commissioned to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden way back in 2011. In the operation, Cairo used his dog senses and canine skills to accomplish the mission of killing Bin Laden. This Dog was effective aid in the triumph of the operation. Other military dogs are used as sniffing dogs to discover threats (similar to what you see at the airports), some are guards and companions of the military troops, some are used for search and rescue operations. The war dogs are also used to guide and lead the soldiers in dark and treacherous places. Closeness and faithfulness are developed between the handlers and trainers. They are genuine lovers of dogs and with their beloved friends, they are an indispensable members of the military. According to Maria Goodavage, author of the new book "Soldier Dogs", dogs' extreme sensitivities and alertness make them great in the battlefield. She added that dog's sense of smell is stronger and greater than human thus they can recognize if danger and fear are at hand much more effectively. Dogs are more vigilant than we are and they are always ready to attack. There is inseparable relationship between trained dog and his military master as they often sleep and eat together, moreover play together. Greatness of military dogs is achieved by the patience and compassion of their handlers. Dog is man's best friend and a great companion and protector in times of danger and war. The training of dogs, especially the Belgian Malinois dogs, is usually conducted in Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. Texas. Training is tough and tiresome for both the handlers and the canines during the preparation for the battlefield or a special mission. The course also includes lessons and training for the development of extreme physical tolerance and mental readiness. Trainers at Lackland are also required to know basic commands in different languages. Some smaller dogs like the tiny Jack Russell terrier "Lars J274" are also included in the Navy services. These dogs are great in sniffing bombs in submarines. Breeding and training of military or war dogs are customary practice in Germany and Netherlands. After the accomplishment of the mission or when the war is over, the military dogs are brought back to the United States and oftentimes are adopted by their handlers which bring them home to their families. However, during Vietnam era, war dogs were treated harshly and the poor dogs were abandoned and even erased after the service. Unfortunately, today dogs are still treated only as tools and instruments in the war instead of co members of the team. In 2012, bipartisan Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act presently proposes its way through both houses of Congress to have clear and definite plan for the retirement, adoption, care and appreciation of military working dogs.
A little boy named Sebastian De la Cruz wearing a charro outfit was attacked discriminatingly on the social networking sites especially on Twitter. Social masses questioned him after he sang The Star Spangled Banner. The critics were upset that a Latino boy should not sing that patriotic song. At his young age, the boy paid no attention to the negative comments and said that his parents taught him not to judge the book by its cover. He also added that his father works for the US Navy and he was born and raised in San Antonio and he is not a Mexican. He is also an avid and official fan of San Antonio Spurs. These Twitter bashers did not succeed in bullying this child, but instead the boy was again invited to perform in the next game and had received a round of applause. Where do you stand?
Losing both legs to an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Afghanistan was a terrible injury suffered by a Navy Seal named Bo Reichenbach. Join us in this video as this incredible soldier is honored by the FROG-X Parachute team with a jump into Griz Stadium.
Decorated US Navy dad makes a heart-warming appearance as his young daughter cheers for her High School football team.
Hilarious images about what can happen when the troops get bored. Even the toughest Navy Seals, Sailors, Marines and Airmen need a break once in a while.
In Russia, sunbathers were surprised when a hovercraft interrupted a peaceful day at the beach. Hundreds of people became first hand eyewitnesses to the unexpected landing of a 60-meter military hovercraft. The beach was packed with beach-goers, sunbathers and tourists when without a warning the hovercraft approached. There were no injuries but it was reported that the people were afterwards surrounded by Russian military paratroopers. This air-cushioned landing military craft is the Soviet-designed Zubr-class, which is the biggest hovercraft in the world as of 2012. Currently, there are nine active and operational hovercrafts of this kind in the world. It can plant and transport mines and it can sea-lift tanks or marines (assault units) from both non-equipped and equipped vessels to the shore. The hovercraft is being used by the Greek Navy, The Ukrainian Navy and the Russian Navy. Here are the specifications of the Zubr hovercraft: - Cargo area: 400 sq. meters (4,300 sq ft) - Fuel capacity: 56 tons - Cargo capacity: 3 main battle tanks (maximum of 150 tonnes) 10 armored vehicles plus 140 troops (maximum of 131 tonnes) 8 armored personnel carriers (maximum of 115 tonnes) 8 amphibious tanks around 500 troops Here's the video of that incident:
A military dolphin is one that is trained to be utilized in military operations. Both the US and Russia have trained and used dolphins for many different uses. These military-trained dolphins have been taught to search and help lost swimmers in the navy or to find mines underwater. The US. Navy trains dolphins and sea lions in a special facility San Diego, California. They collect some of their dolphins from the Mexican Gulf. Military dolphins were utilized by the US. Navy in the 1st and 2nd wars in the Gulf. There are currently about seventy five dolphins being trained and used. Because of the secrecy of this training, there are whispers of military-trained dolphins that can put mines underwater, to find enemies, or to search for and eliminate underwater subs using self-destructive ways. There have even been guesses about the possible creation of intelligent add ons, such as harmful darts, sonar stopping devices, and other tools for dolphins. The US military denies ever engaging in such a training program, but controversy theorists don't buy it. In the mid 2000s there was a news report that after a hurricane some military dolphins had escaped. The military said that these stories were just rumors or urban legends. These dolphins are trained by special teams of Navy mammal trainers. Different teams have different responsibilities for training the dolphins about different tactics. Dolphins are educated just like the dogs that police use for their work. When they do something right they are given rewards like fish. Dolphins are educated to find mines and enemies and then give the news to their trainers.
The US Navy has developed a directed-energy weapon known as LaWS (Laser Weapon System). In early 2014 (or late 2013) this directed-energy weapon would be installed in the USS Ponce for the purpose of field testing. The Kratos Defense and Security Solutions developed this system in support of the US Navy's DE&EWS (Directed Energy & Electric Weapon Systems) program after being awarded a contract amounting to $11 million in the year 2010. However, in May 2012, the CIWS control system was used in NSWC test for enabling the beam director for tracking UAV target. LaWs is primarily intended for ship defense, particularly against both suicidal and non-suicidal small boat attacks and drones. At present it isn't capable of engaging missiles, ships, submersibles, or large aircraft that are approaching the ship. The basic design of LaWs features a solid-state infrared beam that can be adjusted to low output for crippling the target's sensor, and a higher output for destroying a target. For every firing, only an energetic pulse needs to be generated, making it more efficient over projectile weapons in terms of operation, storage space, transportation, handling and maintenance.
For the first time a fighter jet (the X-47B) was launched from the surface of an American aircraft carrier. The carrier was a drone which has no human pilot on board. According to defense analyst James Lewis, these unmanned crafts are powerful key in the upcoming fights and wars. According to Vice Admiral Buss aka Navy's Air Boss, the drone is a significant and important impending assimilation of unmanned systems and nuclear powered aircraft carrier that can control and defeat their enemies. The launching of the trial flight of the drone (X-47B) on Tuesday can finally make a way for the US to release the unmanned aircraft anywhere and anytime in the whole world. The U.S. military will no longer require military bases in other countries to launch their planes since the unmanned fighter can be the answer to their air support need. Thoughts?
War on the oceans was changed with the creation of the USS Freedom and the USS Independence with their modern design and technology. Take a look at the tests that the ships had to go through in order to join the Navy. Watch as they go through a simulated attack at high speeds and how they deal with helicopters taking off and landing, to when there's a problem with their electrical systems.
Major Harold Hering asked what he thought was a clever question. However, the irony is that the higher brass did not think so and dismissed him. Major Hering inquired on the missile launch order's two-man rule. (This involves two independent operators verifying and agreeing on the validity of an order to launch). Major Hering was part of the Air Rescue Service during the Vietnam War. He was serving as Minuteman missile crewman, a 21 year career man in the Air Force when he asked the fateful question. He was expecting to be promoted to Lt. Colonel at that time. It was late in the year 1973 during a training activity at Vandenberg Air Force Base when he inquired about how can one know when an order is received to launch missiles the president who gave the order is still sane. Major Hering's question revealed a critical flaw in the two-man rule. Until now the fail safe protocols on nuclear missile launch hinge on the identity of the President and not his sanity. Do you think that this a fair question? Leave a comment
As a response to US ships being in the Gulf, an Iranian Navy officer said that warships are heading toward US water borders, said a Fars news reporting agency. An Iranian admiral is quoted saying that the ships are moving towards the borders as a message to the Americans. Apparently these ships have gone towards the Atlantic by going new South Africa. The United States has increased the amount of Navy vessels they have in the Persian Gulf, so this is a response by Iran. However, there was not a definite report that Iranian ships were actually getting closer to the borders. The United States defense department put out an anonymous statement saying that they doubted that Iranian vessels were actually approaching. America and it's allies regularly do different navy exercises in the Gulf as a way to make sure that the area is free for oil to pass through. Iran sees the Gulf as being part of their boundaries and wants to increase their influence over the area. There have been threats by high up people in Iran saying that if there was any attack that they could block the Strait of Hormuz, thus blocking the oil distribution. Also, if the US was to press too hard into stopping Iran from producing Nuclear weapons then Iran has leverage in stopping the shipment of oil through the strait.
The graduation ceremony at Thompson Valley High School on Saturday is bound to be very special for one of the graduates. From behind the curtain a uniformed individual peaked out, but remained hidden. This uniformed gentleman who came the night before was Tim Miller, a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Miller has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for 7 months, but he wanted to be present in his daughter's high school graduation at the Budweiser Events Center, so he requested for a short leave. He said that he left Dubai at nine in the morning the day before and made it just in time to see his girl. He was stationed on one of the small boats that guard the Persian Gulf. The boats were mandated to protect the bigger ships. Obviously, he was very happy to be given permission to come home for his daughter's graduation ceremony. On the stage he told his surprised but overjoyed daughter, Megan that he loved her and this emotional reunion was just the beginning of a really good day for the Miller family. Miller and his daughter were eventually joined by other family members who witnessed the reunion of father and daughter from the audience. Miller is expected for debriefing at Rhode Island for three weeks, but afterward he can come home in June for good. The proud father can then take his daughter off to college. Megan will be going to the University of South Alabama where she'll be part of the volleyball varsity squad.
Nobuo Fujita has a place in history for being the only Japanese Navy Pilot to have successfully conducted an aircraft-dropped bombing with incendiaries over continental US soil during the Second World War. Fujita was assigned the mission to start forest fires in Pacific Northwest. He was supposed to start the fires at Brookings in Oregon. Although flames were lit from his airborne attack, the damage to property was minor. This is where the story gets interesting. A resident of Brookings, Oregon invited Nobuo Fujita to America. The invitation was accepted by the Japanese Navy pilot after he and his country were assured that he won't be tried as a war criminal once he stepped on US soil. When Fujita arrived at Brookings, he brought with him a 400-year old samurai sword. The sword had been with his family for generations. It was the sword that Fujita intended to use to commit hara-kiri if Brookings would be hostile to him. He felt very shameful of his actions at the time of the war, but the residents of Brookings welcomed him warmly. He was treated with affection and respect. Fujita eventually presented the sword to the town as a token of friendship. Although his initial visit elicited controversy, Fujita went back to Brookings a few more times. He was made an honorary citizen before he died at the ripe age of 85. What is this about? Forgiving but never forgetting? Share your thoughts.
This looks more like a Circus de Soleil if you ask me and not a Royal Navy. Check out the moves on these Thai Royal Navy sailors as they perform at the Armed Forces Day Parade in Thailand. Funny that they picked The Final Countdown song by Europe to do their impressive domino coordination tricks.

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