One of the largest battles in the war was the Battle of Kursk. It was one of the biggest and most important tank battles that ever happened. The aim of the battle for the German army (they called it "Operation Citadel") was to make the Red Army weak, but it actually ended with the Soviet army winning and the German Nazi army taking a huge loss.
It's normal for our readers to write in and ask us which of the battle tanks is the best that ever existed in the world. In other worlds, of all the modern MBTs, which one of them is the best, and why. In order to figure out such a ranking, we've had to consider accuracy, mobility, firepower, and protection. Of the tanks talked about below, you'll see that all of them are super-powerful, alas they haven't actually gone against each other in a battle. Since there's no battle history, the analysis is all based on the data points that I previously mentioned. All the tanks mentioned actually exist and can be found today in the real world. These are the best of the best in tanks:
Watch how modern computer graphics can reinvent battle between tanks. The A7V was a huge tank weighing 30 tons and composed of 18 member crew. This tank was not operative and powerful as other tanks during World War I. Due to material deficits only twenty tanks had been finished and built by the final stage of the war. On Apr. 24, 1918 at the Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux the A7V was involved in the first tank vs. tank battle but no distinct winner was declared.
The most awe inspiring and destructive weapon used by the army is the tank. They first started being used in WWI by the British and the French, and since then they have been a menace on the field of battle. All through the twentieth century the tank has been a continuous weapon that has been used by the army to wreak havoc upon enemies far and wide. A the end of WWII over three thousand tanks fought in the Battle of the Bulge, then they took part in the Battle of Dezful which took place between Iraq and Iran, and then in countless other important battles. Today we will take a look at ten of the most amazing tank battles that have happened throughout time.
The Leopard 2 is a tank which was developed for the German Army in the early '70s by Krauss-Maffei. It was the successor of the Leopard 1 and soon became the German Army's chief battle tank. The Leopard 2 was first put into service in the year 1979. Aside from Germany this tank came into service in 12 countries in Europe and even some non-European nations sought after it, so there is no wonder around 3,480 Leopard 2 tanks were manufactured in total. In the battlefield, the Leopard 2 made its debut when the German Army brought it to the battlefields of Kosovo. The contingents from Canada and Denmark brought their own Leopard 2s in Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force. This tank saw two batches of development. The original models (until Leopard 2A4) had a turret armor that was vertically oriented. The improved models or the Leopard 2A5 on the other hand (along with the versions that followed) boasted of a turret appliqué armor that was angled and arrow shaped. Other improvements were made to the newer batches as well. All of these tank versions were equipped with laser range-finders, digital fire control systems, advanced night vision equipment, thermal imaging (later on) as well as coaxial machine gun & fully stabilized main gun. The upgraded sighting equipment is worth mentioning since it made the tank the very first vehicle to utilize an LLLTV or low-light level TV system. This tank was designed to engage any moving target while in motion over rough terrain.
The Jagdpanther or Hunting Panther was a Nazi tank destroyer made by the Germans and used during the later stages of World War II in 1944. The Jagdpanther saw battle in both the Western and Eastern fronts. This tank was based on the Panther tank chassis, and combined with the Tiger II PaK 43 cannon (8.8 cm) it was a formidable fighting machine. The suspension and armor of the Panther tank nevertheless suffered because of Germany's sorry state in the latter part of the war. There was a shortage of parts, poorly trained crew and dwindling production.
Take a look at these guys punishing their enemies. Which one do you like the best ? Let us know
You probably remember the original game under the name 'Tank Battalion'. I spent countless hours in front of my console battling away. If you do not know this game, you are missing out. It is a maze game where a player defends his/hers base with a tank against enemy attacks. It can be played as multiplayer as well. You can make your own path by destroying the walls around you and don't forget to pick up the extra bonuses like invisible shield or grenade launcher. Here are the controls: Arrows - to move F- to fire
What a classic game. Your objective is to destroy the enemy tank with your cannon. You can maneuver your tank back and forth on the destructible terrain to evade your enemy's aim. Use arrows up and down to move your turret and space bar to shoot. Good Luck Soldier!
In Russia, sunbathers were surprised when a hovercraft interrupted a peaceful day at the beach. Hundreds of people became first hand eyewitnesses to the unexpected landing of a 60-meter military hovercraft. The beach was packed with beach-goers, sunbathers and tourists when without a warning the hovercraft approached. There were no injuries but it was reported that the people were afterwards surrounded by Russian military paratroopers. This air-cushioned landing military craft is the Soviet-designed Zubr-class, which is the biggest hovercraft in the world as of 2012. Currently, there are nine active and operational hovercrafts of this kind in the world. It can plant and transport mines and it can sea-lift tanks or marines (assault units) from both non-equipped and equipped vessels to the shore. The hovercraft is being used by the Greek Navy, The Ukrainian Navy and the Russian Navy. Here are the specifications of the Zubr hovercraft: - Cargo area: 400 sq. meters (4,300 sq ft) - Fuel capacity: 56 tons - Cargo capacity: 3 main battle tanks (maximum of 150 tonnes) 10 armored vehicles plus 140 troops (maximum of 131 tonnes) 8 armored personnel carriers (maximum of 115 tonnes) 8 amphibious tanks around 500 troops Here's the video of that incident:
Tank Overhaul extends an invitation to a venue where military hobbyists bring together their knowledge with modern tech to bring back the best war tanks that ever existed. From the original parts, to putting them back together, to the intriguing history behind the technological advancements that made each tank amazing, experience as one US tank and one German tank get built again to their former excellence. Current project: The Elephant - The team hustles to add a Nazi Elephant tank-killer to one of the best tank collections that exists. It was mostly used at the Battle of Kursk and only two of them are left on the planet.
The history of warfare has shown us that it is not always true that the guys with bigger guns win, but in this case, it could be concluded true. These armored tanks were compared based on their firepower, the ability to protect, mobility and factor of fear at their time in history.
The Second World War was the greatest battle of the technical age, and the tank vehicle was its greatest symbol. The crew who battled from within tanks had first hand knowledge of a lot of the fight taking place in France, the vast deserts in Africa or Italy being invaded, to D Day, and the war ending in Germany.
Check out how you can make a brand new tank model looking like a battle driven vehicle. This guy is amazing how he makes the tank looks totally real. His pro tutorial can be applied to any tank model and he only uses water based colors. The WW2 prototype of the Panther II tank came about when Hitler needed more armor on tanks as he thought the original Panther was not tough enough.
The military force of North Korea is prepared to launch operation and aggression against United States and South Korea after weeks of alleged hostility and provocation. North Korea has repeatedly challenged and intimidated their Southern neighbor and United States, however has yet to attack either of the parties. Tragic consequences may occur warned the North's military spokesman after learning that a group of battle ships including aircraft carrier was deployed to South Korean port. The spokesman also confirmed that all service ready units of the KPA are on an emergency order from its commanding officers and should be ready to attack at any time. Finally, he added that if North Korea is going to attack, US is going to be held accountable. Meanwhile there was no sign of military action in the North said the South Korea's Minister of Defense Kim Kwan-jin on Tuesday. Washington ignored the North's warning. What are your thoughts?
General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed forces sent out a warning to his country's arch-enemies. The Chief of Staff of Iran warned Israel & United States that his country is prepared. According to a report by the Fars News Agency on Wednesday, Iran will retaliate and is ready for a "decisive battle" if attacked. General Firouzabadi was quoted by Fars expressing that they are ready to battle "America and the Zionist regime," pertaining to Israel. The General did not end there. He also warned other countries in the region to not be involved in launching an attack targeting Iran from within their territory. He said that if Iran were attacked from any of the American bases from Middle East, they will strike back. He insisted that Iran has no hostile attitude towards the regional states, but Iran will not take things quietly when provoked. The Americans maintain a few military outposts in some countries within the region including Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE. Gen. Firouzabadi considers the forceful remarks of John Kerry, the US Secretary of State to be mere political bluff. Secretary Kerry stated that if Iran continues to develop its nuclear capabilities, the US is prepared for a military option. Sec. Kerry added that America will do whatever it takes, however, the Iranian general dismisses this statement as just "hot air." Meanwhile, on Tuesday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that America and the West must not entertain delusions of going into military action. Leave a comment below
The Boot Monument in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York is an American Revolutionary War Memorial. This commemorative landmark was put up in honor of the services of an unnamed Major General in the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga. Although this memorial does not honor anyone in particular, many of those who are familiar with American history know that the officer given the honor is Benedict Arnold. He was an American general during the American Revolutionary War who eventually defected to the British Army. The reason why Benedict Arnold's name is not openly mentioned is that he has become infamous as a traitor to the American people. In the Battle of Saratoga, the Continental Army won over the British Army and his great contribution to this battle won him the admiration of the people who erected the monument in his honor. During the battle Arnold got wounded in the leg near the site where the monument can now be found. The Battle of Saratoga was his last battle. It ended his career. After his treachery became known to everyone, Arnold became the subject of spite. Benjamin Franklin wrote this about Arnold: "Judas sold only one man, Arnold millions." What do you think about this traitor?

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