Famous saying of General Douglas MacArthur "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." In the US, the Armed Forces Day is commemorated every 3rd Saturday of May. The AF Week starts on the 2nd Saturday of May and concludes on the 3rd Sunday of May that's why the Armed Forces Day falls on Saturday, the day before the Armed Forces Week ends. In the year 2013 the Armed Forces Day falls on May 18. The first celebration or commemoration of this great day was held on the 20th of May 1950. The celebration was made on Aug 31, 1949 to give honor to those Americans who worked and served in the five U.S. military branches namely, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard after integration of the military branches in the U.S. Dept. of Defense. How do you celebrate this day?
A desperate U.S. Army veteran and a plumber without work identified as Shawn Timothy Nelson who took an M60A3 tank for a ride from the US National Guard Armory in San Diego, California was taken out of this world by police :). With the Patton tank he ran amok and destroyed street signs, recreational vehicle and really anything that came to his way which finally led to his killing by the authorities. Check it out.
Presiding Officer during the voting process of the House of Representatives, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, stated the stenographer, Dianna Reidy, went up to the podium area beneath where she was standing and asked her if the microphones were on. Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen replied that she didn't know and thought that maybe her chatter with the nearby parliament members was too loud and Mrs. Reidy was coming to alarm her of that fact. Suddenly though, Mrs. Reidy turned around facing the room and indicated in her speech that this is God's work. Even as security officer led out of the room, she rambled on. This came as a shock during a very critical vote on budget of the U.S. The stenographer seemed to be in a confused state as while ranting about the Constitution, Free Masons and God.
President Obama said, "I will sign it immediately. We'll begin reopening our government immediately." He also vowed that as soon as possible, things will get back up and running. Late Wednesday night the Senate brokered bill was passed by the House. This bill will raise the government's debt ceiling as well as fully reopen the government. Though it took long bitter weeks of stalemates, it gave way to frenetic hours of legislative actions on Wednesday. It resulted in being able to address the latest budgetary crisis the federal government has been in. More fights on the budget will certainly come forth, along with more episodes of bi-partisanship, though rare. The Treasury Department had forewarned the nation that on 16 December 2013 we could run out of money and not be able to pay our bills because of our ever growing debt and our borrowing limits. The incredible work of our rapid moving congress hindered this by their hard work to raise our debt ceiling/borrowing limit.
Young, 24 year old, U.S. Marine, Alex Minsky's life has drastically changed from the life he lead three years ago after serving in the Iraqi War. He is a very young honored recipient of the Purple Heart award. He survived the loss of his leg in Afghanistan, 47 days in a coma and came very close to death. However, Alex had a "never say die" attitude which brought him back into the swing of life. His mother said, "His brain was basically disconnected" after he was hit by a roadside bomb. Though at the end he did turn to alcohol to help him out through the hard times. Check this video how he pulled through and managed to turn his life around.
A suit like that worn in the movie "Iron Man" is likely to be created in about a year from now by the military with all the most advanced technology . The military wants this high-tech suit be invincible to gunfire and fully equipped with all the latest video technology. For example the person inside it will be able to see the video collected from drone vehicles flying above. One of the amazing aspects of this is that the person in the suit won't have to use much energy as the suit will do all the work and be able to carry over one hundred pounds. Probably it would also be able to repair itself slightly if the armor is pierced, and also there would be oxygen available, a way of cooling the suit, and a medical system so that all their health conditions would be continually monitored. What do you think about it?
On Thursday, North Korean government sent a message to South Korea indicating that they will attack the neighboring country to express objection on the private command this week in Seoul. The message warned that North Korea will strike if the inhabitants of Seoul continue to insult North Korean highest dignity. There are 28,500 American soldiers deployed in South Korea. The militants and activists burned flag and effigies of the country's leaders during the second death anniversary of former North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Il earlier this week. These protests are common throughout the festivals and anniversaries in North Korea. Kim Min-seok, the spokesman for South Korea's Ministry of National Defense sent a reply through wired message and in the fax message he said "we warned that if North Korea is to carry out provocation, we will firmly retaliate." He added that there have been no substantial military movements in North Korea. The death of Jang Song Thaek this month, who was the powerful uncle and advisor of North Korea's present leader, Kim Jong Un upset North Koreans, bringing rumors on the instability of their government. Leave a comment.
The U.S. Government Shutdown has now started despite the Senate disapproval of the latest House petition to suspend Obamacare. The White House budget office has already ordered federal agencies to shut down. The following are the statements and comments of President Obama regarding the effects of government shutdown: - If you collect your Social Security, you will still receive it, but if not you will need to wait to apply for Social Security. - Those that have Medicare, can still see or consult their physician. - Delivery of mails will still be normal, government offices for national security or public safety will still be functioning - Our military men will carry their pledge to protect and serve the country with skill, honor and courage. - The salaries of prison guards and those who work on national securities will be late until the government resumes but they will stay on their duty. - NASA will be closed almost completely. Only the Mission Control will stay open to assist and guide the personnel working in the space station projects. - Office buildings will be closed. - Remunerations will be deferred. - Important services that pensioners and veterans, women and children, businesses and our economy depend on will be constrained. - Entrepreneurs will experience deferments in raising funds, seeking for infrastructure permits or rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. - Support centers for veterans will not be operational. - Our National parks and monuments, from Yellowstone to the Statue of Liberty will be locked and shut. - Lastly, livelihood programs for communities and small business will not be available.
For the first time a fighter jet (the X-47B) was launched from the surface of an American aircraft carrier. The carrier was a drone which has no human pilot on board. According to defense analyst James Lewis, these unmanned crafts are powerful key in the upcoming fights and wars. According to Vice Admiral Buss aka Navy's Air Boss, the drone is a significant and important impending assimilation of unmanned systems and nuclear powered aircraft carrier that can control and defeat their enemies. The launching of the trial flight of the drone (X-47B) on Tuesday can finally make a way for the US to release the unmanned aircraft anywhere and anytime in the whole world. The U.S. military will no longer require military bases in other countries to launch their planes since the unmanned fighter can be the answer to their air support need. Thoughts?
Chiefly the Pershing tank was used by the U.S. Military during the Second World War. It was originally developed and considered as heavy tank T26 but after the war this was reclassified as medium, M26. The tank was named after General John J. Pershing who was the commander of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe during World War I. The Pershing was also used in the last stage of World War I and in Korean War. The M26 Pershing tank was the evolution of M4 Sherman. It was rarely seen in fighting scene but the most remarkable fight was in the Bridge at Remagen when it was used by the 9th Armored Division. In its strategic aspects in combating and fighting compared with M4 Sherman it was good defense weapon against the enemies against both the Tiger II and panther tanks. Even though, the M26 Pershing tank was not mechanically consistent and strong, it was superior match with T-34-85. It was obvious when it was pulled out in 1951 during the Korean War and replaced with more developed and upgraded container M46 Patton which has more powerful and reliable engine that can climb on mountainous terrain and move speedily on rocky roads. The innovation and improvement of M26 was continued with the M47 Patton followed by new design M48 Patton and M60 Combat Tank.
The federal government shutdown gives an adverse and negative result to some families whose loved ones are killed for the service of the nation. They will not receive the assistance and aid from the government to cover the cost of funeral and other expenses entitled to them by the death of their beloved. The denial of support brings more pain and suffering to the family. Over the weekend, five U.S. service members were slayed in Afghanistan and their families were informed that they will not receive the $100,000.00 for burial expenses and death gratuity. Generally this benefit is received within 36 hours from the time of death. The money is used to help the surviving family needs until they recuperate. The amount is also used to augment the budget of flying to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to view the remains of their loved ones in flag-draped caskets. According to Gayle Tzemach Lemmon of the Council on Foreign Relations, the government in Washington is not in session, however, we are still requiring people to go to war for us. And if something happens, the rest of the families are left hanging. What are your thoughts?
It was something from a Star Wars movie before, but now the military is installing lasers in airplanes. These lasers were developed to defend the plane from threats like rockets and missiles coming at the plane. This is just an idea right now, but plans for this are serious and will be seen most likely in 2014.
On late Saturday night the newlywed couple William Riley and her wife Nikki was driving on their way to hotel for honeymoon when they stopped and helped a woman whose car had slid off in the snow according to County (Ind.) Sheriff's Office. According to Nikki, her husband is very caring and he is willing to help anyone who is in need. Nikki stayed in the car and only William got off and helped the 42 year old woman named Linda Darlington told the police. While helping the woman, another car struck William and Linda and two other cars following were also hit. The pair and they were both killed instantly. Nikki the wife of William, a registered nurse heard loud bump and went out to help but was too late according to Sun-Times. William Knight and Linda Darlington were pronounced dead on the scene and both died of blunt force trauma told the Lake County Coroner office. The drivers of the cars involved in the mishap stayed in the scene but no charges had been filed. William Knight is a retired U.S. Army Ranger and he left two daughters, a stepdaughter and a stepson. Nikki, the bride is still in state of shock. It was a nightmare she said. Rest In Peace Leave a comment.
The oil-rich country and world's youngest state of South Sudan was on the edge of civil war and nasty rebellions arose across the nation. On Friday African diplomats and U. S President Barack Obama called for reconciliation among the government and the people. The country's revolution has already took hundreds of lives and may still increase. Thousands of citizens are looking for protection from the United Nations Security Council as they fear that rebellion may get worse. The United Nations Security Council is alarmed thus prepared emergency consultations and conferences on the nation's predicament. Obama said that "South Sudan's uprising may cause the country to fall into the dim eras of the past. The nation is at its perilous time. The freedom and independence the people of South Sudan enjoying since July 2011 is at stake as the civil war rages warned Obama. The ruthless civil war between the years 1983-2005 tolled to over two million casualties which concluded in a peace negotiation that paved the way for the poor South Sudan to have its independence two years ago. President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. Defense to deploy 45 military personnel to protect the U.S. Embassy and the government staff in troubled and distressed nation of South Sudan. Obama said in a letter to Congress that "Although equipped for combat, this force was deployed for the purpose of protecting U.S. citizens and its property. This force will remain in South Sudan until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed." Leave a comment.
America has begun an offensive missile launch in Somalia. The strike has been confirmed by two American officials. There wasn't a firm confirmation of where the strike targetted, but it is most likely a leader in al Qaeda. Somali officials have reported that a top military commander was killed inside his car when a missile hit it. American intelligence is still investigating how effective the strike actually was. There has been no confirmation on where drones were used in the strike or if it was carried out in another way.
General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed forces sent out a warning to his country's arch-enemies. The Chief of Staff of Iran warned Israel & United States that his country is prepared. According to a report by the Fars News Agency on Wednesday, Iran will retaliate and is ready for a "decisive battle" if attacked. General Firouzabadi was quoted by Fars expressing that they are ready to battle "America and the Zionist regime," pertaining to Israel. The General did not end there. He also warned other countries in the region to not be involved in launching an attack targeting Iran from within their territory. He said that if Iran were attacked from any of the American bases from Middle East, they will strike back. He insisted that Iran has no hostile attitude towards the regional states, but Iran will not take things quietly when provoked. The Americans maintain a few military outposts in some countries within the region including Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE. Gen. Firouzabadi considers the forceful remarks of John Kerry, the US Secretary of State to be mere political bluff. Secretary Kerry stated that if Iran continues to develop its nuclear capabilities, the US is prepared for a military option. Sec. Kerry added that America will do whatever it takes, however, the Iranian general dismisses this statement as just "hot air." Meanwhile, on Tuesday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that America and the West must not entertain delusions of going into military action. Leave a comment below

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