You can't conclude any thankfulness about our freedom without honoring the courageous soldiers who have given everything to guard our country and keep it intact. A selection of tunes from all the different sections of our military will be played by the West Virginia University band. Thank you so much!
This brilliant and smart six years old boy is Hunter Hayden as he performs and sings with the entire first grade the God Bless America during the patriotic show in his school. Watch as he stirs and wakes up America in this song hit from 1984 by Lee Greenwood and inspires new and young generations and even the old ones.
Generally, tanks from US military forces are good in tactical and strategic mobility, have spot on accuracy and one of the fastest rate of fire. They are oftentimes the most effective and can destroy the bulk of their enemy within minutes. The defect and weakness of these tanks, however, is the insufficient and inadequate side and rear structure of the armor which is subject to troop harm and loss.
The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is a plane made in the USA with two engines. It is a jet plane with straight wings. It was constructed to go after tanks, vehicles with armor, and other targets on the ground that don't have the ability to defend themselves against airborne offenses. It's other name is "Warthog" or simply "hog".
During World War II the M18 Hellcat was the tank used by the Americans to destroy the enemies and a defense against their foes. This armored fighting vehicle has speed up to 60 mph for the reason that the armor is paper thin or not more than 1" thick. It was the fastest tank destroyer in the time of World War II. The enemies were not able to attack the Hellcat troops easily because of the high speed of the tank.
A little boy named Sebastian De la Cruz wearing a charro outfit was attacked discriminatingly on the social networking sites especially on Twitter. Social masses questioned him after he sang The Star Spangled Banner. The critics were upset that a Latino boy should not sing that patriotic song. At his young age, the boy paid no attention to the negative comments and said that his parents taught him not to judge the book by its cover. He also added that his father works for the US Navy and he was born and raised in San Antonio and he is not a Mexican. He is also an avid and official fan of San Antonio Spurs. These Twitter bashers did not succeed in bullying this child, but instead the boy was again invited to perform in the next game and had received a round of applause. Where do you stand?
Nationalism? Seeing the urge of helping the nation in the face of government shutdown, a mysterious bearded man with complete garden paraphernalia was surprisingly spotted mowing the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial. The vast of the garden lawn which has been mowed of the closed federal monument was not determined. The Park Police with some officers were alarmed and commanded the unidentified man to leave the place for he entered the place without authority. The man was not apprehended and left the place. Is there a problem in doing this? Why did they not allow this volunteer to finish the task for he has done it willingly? Share your thoughts.
The riot police chase after veterans who are trying to free the memorials from being blocked in front of the White House. This is a big difference from the recent rally on immigration that happened on the National Mall where there were very few problems with police. "You have the lawful obligation to closely examine the legitimacy of all orders that you get," said a poster on the White House fence. "You will be held accountable for your actions by the law, your fellow man, and by God for everything you do". What do you think?
Presiding Officer during the voting process of the House of Representatives, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, stated the stenographer, Dianna Reidy, went up to the podium area beneath where she was standing and asked her if the microphones were on. Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen replied that she didn't know and thought that maybe her chatter with the nearby parliament members was too loud and Mrs. Reidy was coming to alarm her of that fact. Suddenly though, Mrs. Reidy turned around facing the room and indicated in her speech that this is God's work. Even as security officer led out of the room, she rambled on. This came as a shock during a very critical vote on budget of the U.S. The stenographer seemed to be in a confused state as while ranting about the Constitution, Free Masons and God.
President Obama said, "I will sign it immediately. We'll begin reopening our government immediately." He also vowed that as soon as possible, things will get back up and running. Late Wednesday night the Senate brokered bill was passed by the House. This bill will raise the government's debt ceiling as well as fully reopen the government. Though it took long bitter weeks of stalemates, it gave way to frenetic hours of legislative actions on Wednesday. It resulted in being able to address the latest budgetary crisis the federal government has been in. More fights on the budget will certainly come forth, along with more episodes of bi-partisanship, though rare. The Treasury Department had forewarned the nation that on 16 December 2013 we could run out of money and not be able to pay our bills because of our ever growing debt and our borrowing limits. The incredible work of our rapid moving congress hindered this by their hard work to raise our debt ceiling/borrowing limit.
Everyone loves the US flag, even nature! "Excuse me while I kiss the sky." as Hendrix said. Do you?
There are not many details available about this amazing artwork, however, we know for sure that the artist is the man. You are looking at an American flag made fully out of 44 thousand plastic army soldiers. Talking about national pride and some good ol' American devotion. Do you like it?
Representative Randy Neugebauer, a Texas lawmaker interrogated the park warden of the National World War II Memorial for setting barriers and hindering veterans to enter the said National Park. He said that National Park Service ought to provide an apology to the public from restraining the veterans of the war to visit the said place. He added that he cannot understand the notion of barring the Memorial and preventing the veterans from entering the place. He asked the warden firmly why the veterans are treated that way and the warden answered that it is difficult situation and she apologized for any inconvenience. Rep. Neugebauer joined a large group of legislators and concerned citizens that were protesting at the memorial after the news on Tuesday that the site has been locked up as a result of shutdown. Is this a mockery? What do you think?
Cheers for the sailors that fought on the wave for it, cheers for the soldiers that always were brave for it, tears for the men that went down to the grave for it, here comes the flag! — Arthur Macy, The Flag Americans love their country and the brave women and men who often leave their loved ones behind to defend the American freedom. This video is a tribute to all the fallen soldiers who have sacrificed themselves, so we can live in peace. Be a proud American today!
Many of the federal employees work without pay during the extended shutdown, however, the 533 present members of the Congress will still receive their paychecks. Adjustments of Remuneration or Compensation of any member of the Congress are extremely prohibited in the 27th Amendment to the Constitution. The proposed amendment was not approved until 1992 when the group of politicians and numbers of states in America campaigned and promoted it. Although the amendment forbids the Congress to receive increase or decrease on its pay, it also does not allow the members of the Congress to be stranded without pay. The issue? Congress will be benefited in any manner. Is Congress ought to get paid?
"The Star Spangled Banner" was awaited on by crowds at Fenway Park, Boston, as the National Anthem is always expected to be sung at American baseball games. But on this night, James Taylor opened his vocal chords and blurted out "America the Beautiful". Though he is not the first or last celebrity to err in this platform, his excuse was well taken as he was scheduled to sing there later that night during the seventh inning stretch.
The military force of North Korea is prepared to launch operation and aggression against United States and South Korea after weeks of alleged hostility and provocation. North Korea has repeatedly challenged and intimidated their Southern neighbor and United States, however has yet to attack either of the parties. Tragic consequences may occur warned the North's military spokesman after learning that a group of battle ships including aircraft carrier was deployed to South Korean port. The spokesman also confirmed that all service ready units of the KPA are on an emergency order from its commanding officers and should be ready to attack at any time. Finally, he added that if North Korea is going to attack, US is going to be held accountable. Meanwhile there was no sign of military action in the North said the South Korea's Minister of Defense Kim Kwan-jin on Tuesday. Washington ignored the North's warning. What are your thoughts?
Sadly, the news this morning is not something that anyone would want to wake up to. Two private American citizens were fatalities in a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. A restaurant in Kabul that is frequented by foreigners was the target of a Taliban suicide bomber and gunmen. Thirteen of the 21 people who lost their lives that day were foreign nationals. Among those who were killed were the IMF's highest level representative in the country and three staff members of the United Nations. The foreigners' bodies were moved to a military base in the capital. A spokeswoman for the British Foreign Office confirmed that two British subjects were killed in the attack. While the struggle between the US and Afghanistan continues as they try to agree on a bilateral agreement, attacks on civilians continue to occur on a daily basis. RIP Sad, don't you think?
A US citizen made the huge blunder of actually becoming a part of al-Qaida. Officials in the US government say that he is part of attack plans targeting American citizens abroad, and therefore he must be taken out. President Obama is going back and forth on whether to simply take him out with drones or not and how to do it in a legal way. Currently the government cannot kill him because he is still a citizen of the United States, but they are currently trying to do it in a legal way. The American traitor is currently located in a country where the United States is not allowed to act militarily. It is Obama's policy that American terrorists that are located overseas can only be taken out by military maneuvers, and not by the intelligence agencies. The citizen is believed to be responsible for the deaths of American citizens abroad and he supposedly keeps on planning attacks and engaging in activities that put American lives in danger. The CIA has said that they think he should be killed, but the American terrorist is in a place where it will be difficult to reach him and kill him. If troops are sent in to take him then they will be risking their lives. It could also cause more problems then by simply taking him out with missiles. Currently it is not publicly known in which country the terrorist is hiding away.

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