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War on the oceans was changed with the creation of the USS Freedom and the USS Independence with their modern design and technology. Take a look at the tests that the ships had to go through in order to join the Navy. Watch as they go through a simulated attack at high speeds and how they deal with helicopters taking off and landing, to when there's a problem with their electrical systems.
Meet at first hand what makes American military dangerous. Titanium teeth, fur, tail and a bit of German in them, the German Shepherds are real dogs of war. Hats off to all the dog trainers out there. Keep up the good work.
On late Saturday night the newlywed couple William Riley and her wife Nikki was driving on their way to hotel for honeymoon when they stopped and helped a woman whose car had slid off in the snow according to County (Ind.) Sheriff's Office. According to Nikki, her husband is very caring and he is willing to help anyone who is in need. Nikki stayed in the car and only William got off and helped the 42 year old woman named Linda Darlington told the police. While helping the woman, another car struck William and Linda and two other cars following were also hit. The pair and they were both killed instantly. Nikki the wife of William, a registered nurse heard loud bump and went out to help but was too late according to Sun-Times. William Knight and Linda Darlington were pronounced dead on the scene and both died of blunt force trauma told the Lake County Coroner office. The drivers of the cars involved in the mishap stayed in the scene but no charges had been filed. William Knight is a retired U.S. Army Ranger and he left two daughters, a stepdaughter and a stepson. Nikki, the bride is still in state of shock. It was a nightmare she said. Rest In Peace Leave a comment.
The oil-rich country and world's youngest state of South Sudan was on the edge of civil war and nasty rebellions arose across the nation. On Friday African diplomats and U. S President Barack Obama called for reconciliation among the government and the people. The country's revolution has already took hundreds of lives and may still increase. Thousands of citizens are looking for protection from the United Nations Security Council as they fear that rebellion may get worse. The United Nations Security Council is alarmed thus prepared emergency consultations and conferences on the nation's predicament. Obama said that "South Sudan's uprising may cause the country to fall into the dim eras of the past. The nation is at its perilous time. The freedom and independence the people of South Sudan enjoying since July 2011 is at stake as the civil war rages warned Obama. The ruthless civil war between the years 1983-2005 tolled to over two million casualties which concluded in a peace negotiation that paved the way for the poor South Sudan to have its independence two years ago. President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. Defense to deploy 45 military personnel to protect the U.S. Embassy and the government staff in troubled and distressed nation of South Sudan. Obama said in a letter to Congress that "Although equipped for combat, this force was deployed for the purpose of protecting U.S. citizens and its property. This force will remain in South Sudan until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed." Leave a comment.
It was a very sad day in Izhevsk, a Russian city where the infamous assault rifle AK-47 is produced. Its inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov has died at a ripe age of 94. He had been plagued by heart-related problems for years now, so it comes as no surprise, however, it is still sad to see him go. However, AK-47 is here to stay, so Mikhail's legacy lives on.
Soldiers are still human (at least for now :) and in this video they will show you that even the bravest of the brave can make some stupid mistakes.
The M32 MGL, or otherwise knows as Multiple Grenade Launcher, was made in South Africa by Milkor Ltd.. It is a 40mmm six shot grenade launcher that has 40 mm. It was created by the South African military in the early eighties and then put into use in 1983. Over the years it was slowly adapted for use by the military in other countries and police forces all over the world. Since being invented they have made over fifty thousand units.
The US created the FGM-148 Javelin as a way to replace the Dragon antitank weapon. It's a weapon that can be carried by a man and then fired at a tank. The way it works is that you can lock on your target before firing and the missile will self guide its way to the target. The missile specifically is used against the top armor of armored vehicle since it is normally much thiner than the other armor. It can also be used to shoot at buildings and go after enemy helicopters. It can go up to a height of five hundred feet when being used in top attack mode and sixty meters when in direct fire mode.

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General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed forces sent out a warning to his country's arch-enemies. The Chief of Staff of Iran warned Israel & United States that his country is prepared. According to a report by the Fars News Agency on Wednesday, Iran will retaliate and is ready for a "decisive battle" if attacked. General Firouzabadi was quoted by Fars expressing that they are ready to......

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The Boot Monument in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York is an American Revolutionary War Memorial. This commemorative landmark was put up in honor of the services of an unnamed Major General in the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga. Although this memorial does not honor anyone in particular, many of those who are familiar with American history know that the officer......

Forgive, But Never Forget

Nobuo Fujita has a place in history for being the only Japanese Navy Pilot to have successfully conducted an aircraft-dropped bombing with incendiaries over continental US soil during the Second World War. Fujita was assigned the mission to start forest fires in Pacific Northwest. He was supposed to start the fires at Brookings in Oregon. Although flames were lit from his airborne attack, the......

What Power Of Will And Determination Can Do. Warning, You...

When Josh Hargis was an Army Ranger stationed in Afghanistan's Panjwai district he came under enemy fire and suffered wounds. He survived his severe injuries while four of his team members were killed. This soldier was given the Purple Heart by the American government. The photo above was sent to his wife that was taken by his commander and the note that came with it is an inspirational......

How To Make Your Daughter's Graduation Unforgettable

The graduation ceremony at Thompson Valley High School on Saturday is bound to be very special for one of the graduates. From behind the curtain a uniformed individual peaked out, but remained hidden. This uniformed gentleman who came the night before was Tim Miller, a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Miller has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for 7 months, but he wanted to be present in his......

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