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The Marauder - a heavy duty military terrain vehicle which leaves no tree standing. It can even go up against some high end explosives. Join me on a journey through South Africa where Richard Hammond pushes the limits of this beast.
The recently Google acquired team from Boston Dynamics robotics powerhouse show off one of their kennel members the "Big Dog" in ice and snow conditions. Those guys are up to something for sure and it makes me wonder what else is possible in the future. Be the judge for yourselves.
A soldier came back from working a hard shift when he found a tiny little box that had been put underneath his bed. He had no idea what it was, so he was really careful about how he opened it. Upon opening it he started crying (you will also join in when you find out what was in it). There was a note that said: Dear Patriot, Have a great holiday and a great new year and thank you very much for making sure we are safe. Best regards, Dalton (That probably made you a little emotional) Many of our loyal soldiers won't be able to come home during the holiday season. We just wanted to thank them and wish them a happy Christmas!
In Russia, sunbathers were surprised when a hovercraft interrupted a peaceful day at the beach. Hundreds of people became first hand eyewitnesses to the unexpected landing of a 60-meter military hovercraft. The beach was packed with beach-goers, sunbathers and tourists when without a warning the hovercraft approached. There were no injuries but it was reported that the people were afterwards surrounded by Russian military paratroopers. This air-cushioned landing military craft is the Soviet-designed Zubr-class, which is the biggest hovercraft in the world as of 2012. Currently, there are nine active and operational hovercrafts of this kind in the world. It can plant and transport mines and it can sea-lift tanks or marines (assault units) from both non-equipped and equipped vessels to the shore. The hovercraft is being used by the Greek Navy, The Ukrainian Navy and the Russian Navy. Here are the specifications of the Zubr hovercraft: - Cargo area: 400 sq. meters (4,300 sq ft) - Fuel capacity: 56 tons - Cargo capacity: 3 main battle tanks (maximum of 150 tonnes) 10 armored vehicles plus 140 troops (maximum of 131 tonnes) 8 armored personnel carriers (maximum of 115 tonnes) 8 amphibious tanks around 500 troops Here's the video of that incident:
Of course there are some made-up outrageous German weapons that you might have seen in some video games such as Call of Duty, but there actually were some pretty amazing arms that the Germans used during the second World War. When the war was coming to an end, it was a race for their scientists and engineers to come up with some of the most high-tech weapons of that time period. The reason for this is that Hitler was frantically scrambling for a weapon that would give him an edge over his enemies, but, of course, he was too late. The final project called "Wunderwaffen" ("The Wonder Weapons") did not have enough time to complete.
On Sunday a vessel designed specifically to destroy ice will depart from Australia en route to Antarctica to help rescue over one hundred twenty crew members that were on two ice breaking vessels trapped in the ice close to the edge of Antarctica. The Polar Star is one hundred twenty two meters long and has been sent out after Russia, Australia, and China were asked to help the Russian and Chinese vessels. They are afraid that the ships won't be able to get out of the ice on their own, says the Coast Guard. The Russian ship plowing the seas under the name Akademik Shokalskiy has been stuck out in the Commonwealth Bay since the day before Christmas. The Chinese ship came to help out, but they got stuck too. Let us know what you think.
A girl, whose boyfriend is serving in Afghanistan, returned from a doughnut run to find a note on her car – and a gift – from an anonymous veteran. Leave a comment.
The Military and the Department of Defense of the United States is the largest government organization and it involves big percentage of the country's budget allocation and expenses. The security and welfare of the country and its citizens play major and important role of the United States government, but some Americans are not fully aware of the truthful information about the agency. The following list composes of 10 amazing facts about the American military and the DoD that you may or not be aware of.

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When Josh Hargis was an Army Ranger stationed in Afghanistan's Panjwai district he came under enemy fire and suffered wounds. He survived his severe injuries while four of his team members were killed. This soldier was given the Purple Heart by the American government. The photo above was sent to his wife that was taken by his commander and the note that came with it is an inspirational......

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The graduation ceremony at Thompson Valley High School on Saturday is bound to be very special for one of the graduates. From behind the curtain a uniformed individual peaked out, but remained hidden. This uniformed gentleman who came the night before was Tim Miller, a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Miller has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for 7 months, but he wanted to be present in his......

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