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The Oise-Aisne is an American military cemetery that is located in the northern part of France. There are over six thousand American men who lost their lives while serving in this area during the first World War, almost six hundred that are unknown, and also a memorial for the over 240 Americans who were never found. The Mysterious Plot E There is another area of the cemetery that not everyone knows about. This is named as "Plot E". The men placed here were executed for crimes against their country that they committed during the war. It's not easy to get there, and visitation is not suggested. This area is only accessible through a special door. The 'graves' are just nameless stones put on the ground, with only a number to tell who it is. The initial intent was that you wouldn't be able to find out who was buried there, but later on the government released the names. A cemetery work described the area as a shameful house and an anti memorial. What do you think?
Everyone loves the US flag, even nature! "Excuse me while I kiss the sky." as Hendrix said. Do you?
Decorated US Navy dad makes a heart-warming appearance as his young daughter cheers for her High School football team.
A suit like that worn in the movie "Iron Man" is likely to be created in about a year from now by the military with all the most advanced technology . The military wants this high-tech suit be invincible to gunfire and fully equipped with all the latest video technology. For example the person inside it will be able to see the video collected from drone vehicles flying above. One of the amazing aspects of this is that the person in the suit won't have to use much energy as the suit will do all the work and be able to carry over one hundred pounds. Probably it would also be able to repair itself slightly if the armor is pierced, and also there would be oxygen available, a way of cooling the suit, and a medical system so that all their health conditions would be continually monitored. What do you think about it?
We take a look at what goes on during Basic Training at Fort Benning, form simply getting their hair cut to getting their gear presented.
LSx Willy's Jeep on steroids with nitrous inside. Beating up on a Corvette :). Boooyaaa!!!
Hilarious images about what can happen when the troops get bored. Even the toughest Navy Seals, Sailors, Marines and Airmen need a break once in a while.
A breathtaking true story of a puppy which went missing in action and the amazing mission to get her home.

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Iran Is Up To No Good Again. Could It Mean A New War?

General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed forces sent out a warning to his country's arch-enemies. The Chief of Staff of Iran warned Israel & United States that his country is prepared. According to a report by the Fars News Agency on Wednesday, Iran will retaliate and is ready for a "decisive battle" if attacked. General Firouzabadi was quoted by Fars expressing that they are ready to......

Do You Know Who This Memorial Is For? Hint: Think Traitor

The Boot Monument in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York is an American Revolutionary War Memorial. This commemorative landmark was put up in honor of the services of an unnamed Major General in the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga. Although this memorial does not honor anyone in particular, many of those who are familiar with American history know that the officer......

Forgive, But Never Forget

Nobuo Fujita has a place in history for being the only Japanese Navy Pilot to have successfully conducted an aircraft-dropped bombing with incendiaries over continental US soil during the Second World War. Fujita was assigned the mission to start forest fires in Pacific Northwest. He was supposed to start the fires at Brookings in Oregon. Although flames were lit from his airborne attack, the......

What Power Of Will And Determination Can Do. Warning, You...

When Josh Hargis was an Army Ranger stationed in Afghanistan's Panjwai district he came under enemy fire and suffered wounds. He survived his severe injuries while four of his team members were killed. This soldier was given the Purple Heart by the American government. The photo above was sent to his wife that was taken by his commander and the note that came with it is an inspirational......

How To Make Your Daughter's Graduation Unforgettable

The graduation ceremony at Thompson Valley High School on Saturday is bound to be very special for one of the graduates. From behind the curtain a uniformed individual peaked out, but remained hidden. This uniformed gentleman who came the night before was Tim Miller, a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Miller has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for 7 months, but he wanted to be present in his......

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