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There are many individuals who carry guns who have never drawn the weapon. In fact, many of us don't want to. But if the situation calls for it, we must be ready to respond. If there is a threat, we must learn to be responsible and choose a weapon that we can depend on. Folks say that pea-shooting rimfires do them just fine. Others prefer the J-Frame that goes inside their boot while a 1911 is securely locked at the hip. It really depends upon the personal preference, because you will get different answers from a group of shooters when you ask them to share with you what they think is the best gun to carry around.
The U.S. Government Shutdown has now started despite the Senate disapproval of the latest House petition to suspend Obamacare. The White House budget office has already ordered federal agencies to shut down. The following are the statements and comments of President Obama regarding the effects of government shutdown: - If you collect your Social Security, you will still receive it, but if not you will need to wait to apply for Social Security. - Those that have Medicare, can still see or consult their physician. - Delivery of mails will still be normal, government offices for national security or public safety will still be functioning - Our military men will carry their pledge to protect and serve the country with skill, honor and courage. - The salaries of prison guards and those who work on national securities will be late until the government resumes but they will stay on their duty. - NASA will be closed almost completely. Only the Mission Control will stay open to assist and guide the personnel working in the space station projects. - Office buildings will be closed. - Remunerations will be deferred. - Important services that pensioners and veterans, women and children, businesses and our economy depend on will be constrained. - Entrepreneurs will experience deferments in raising funds, seeking for infrastructure permits or rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. - Support centers for veterans will not be operational. - Our National parks and monuments, from Yellowstone to the Statue of Liberty will be locked and shut. - Lastly, livelihood programs for communities and small business will not be available.
Everyone thought that they had a plan all sorted out during the second World War. Of course there were many other plans that were rejected or simply not used for every one that actually was used. That being said, the history of the world would have been changed drastically if these plans had been put into effect.
The US Navy has developed a directed-energy weapon known as LaWS (Laser Weapon System). In early 2014 (or late 2013) this directed-energy weapon would be installed in the USS Ponce for the purpose of field testing. The Kratos Defense and Security Solutions developed this system in support of the US Navy's DE&EWS (Directed Energy & Electric Weapon Systems) program after being awarded a contract amounting to $11 million in the year 2010. However, in May 2012, the CIWS control system was used in NSWC test for enabling the beam director for tracking UAV target. LaWs is primarily intended for ship defense, particularly against both suicidal and non-suicidal small boat attacks and drones. At present it isn't capable of engaging missiles, ships, submersibles, or large aircraft that are approaching the ship. The basic design of LaWs features a solid-state infrared beam that can be adjusted to low output for crippling the target's sensor, and a higher output for destroying a target. For every firing, only an energetic pulse needs to be generated, making it more efficient over projectile weapons in terms of operation, storage space, transportation, handling and maintenance.
Representative Randy Neugebauer, a Texas lawmaker interrogated the park warden of the National World War II Memorial for setting barriers and hindering veterans to enter the said National Park. He said that National Park Service ought to provide an apology to the public from restraining the veterans of the war to visit the said place. He added that he cannot understand the notion of barring the Memorial and preventing the veterans from entering the place. He asked the warden firmly why the veterans are treated that way and the warden answered that it is difficult situation and she apologized for any inconvenience. Rep. Neugebauer joined a large group of legislators and concerned citizens that were protesting at the memorial after the news on Tuesday that the site has been locked up as a result of shutdown. Is this a mockery? What do you think?
Watch how the World War II European front lines have edged back and forth from the bitter start to the glorious end. From the Nazi invasion of Poland to the day Germany has finally surrendered and Allied forces emerged victorious.
What would McGyver give for this kind of tool? :) This is the Chinese Military Technology Shovel E tool. You can dig, cut, saw, slice, chop and a whole hell of a lot more with this amazing shovel. I want one, don't you?
Meet the Freedom Tower. Now the tallest building in NYC, even taller than the Empire State Building. Check out the video below for a sped up construction of this architectural marble. Don't forget to leave a comment below in honor of the unfortunate victims which lost their lives over 10 years ago in the terrible terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

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General Hassan Firouzabadi of the Iranian Armed forces sent out a warning to his country's arch-enemies. The Chief of Staff of Iran warned Israel & United States that his country is prepared. According to a report by the Fars News Agency on Wednesday, Iran will retaliate and is ready for a "decisive battle" if attacked. General Firouzabadi was quoted by Fars expressing that they are ready to......

Do You Know Who This Memorial Is For? Hint: Think Traitor

The Boot Monument in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York is an American Revolutionary War Memorial. This commemorative landmark was put up in honor of the services of an unnamed Major General in the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga. Although this memorial does not honor anyone in particular, many of those who are familiar with American history know that the officer......

Forgive, But Never Forget

Nobuo Fujita has a place in history for being the only Japanese Navy Pilot to have successfully conducted an aircraft-dropped bombing with incendiaries over continental US soil during the Second World War. Fujita was assigned the mission to start forest fires in Pacific Northwest. He was supposed to start the fires at Brookings in Oregon. Although flames were lit from his airborne attack, the......

What Power Of Will And Determination Can Do. Warning, You...

When Josh Hargis was an Army Ranger stationed in Afghanistan's Panjwai district he came under enemy fire and suffered wounds. He survived his severe injuries while four of his team members were killed. This soldier was given the Purple Heart by the American government. The photo above was sent to his wife that was taken by his commander and the note that came with it is an inspirational......

How To Make Your Daughter's Graduation Unforgettable

The graduation ceremony at Thompson Valley High School on Saturday is bound to be very special for one of the graduates. From behind the curtain a uniformed individual peaked out, but remained hidden. This uniformed gentleman who came the night before was Tim Miller, a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Miller has been stationed in the Persian Gulf for 7 months, but he wanted to be present in his......

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