Richard Arvine Overton is known to be the oldest American Army Veteran and he is already 107 years old. After World War II he returned and built his home in Austin, Texas. During World War II between 1942 and 1945, Overton was deployed in the South Pacific. His secret of long and healthy life was credited to his dynamic and vibrant activities and daily dose of baby aspirin. Being constantly active physically, undergoing regular mental exercisse and alertness are the factors of his longevity as he disclosed during his recognition for his service by the mayor of Austin,Texas, Lee Leffingwell . He emphasized that continuous workouts and a little amount of whisky a day helps him maintain his good health and fitness. He explained that whisky is a good medicine for the retention of good muscles and bones. His comrades and colleagues he has knonw over the decades either perished in the battlefield or died naturally after the war. He is preparing to have retreat in the home he built in Texas after the World War II nn this very especial day. This is the only thing he wanted. Mr. Overton, you rock.
This Nazi heavy tank built in 1942 which was used during World War 2 was called Tiger I. The ultimate formal German name was Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E, oftentimes called Tiger for short. It was a response to a remarkable T-34 and the KV-1 which were part of the Soviet armor during the first months of encounter prior to the invasion of Soviet Union. Tiger was developed to counter and combat Soviet armors. The design of Tiger I provided The Wehrmacht (refers to the German armed forces of WW II) their first tank mounting the 88 mm gun in its first version called the KwK 36. This gun was the primary weapon of Tiger I. It also showed its high effectiveness both on air and ground targets. The Tiger I was the combat fighting tank used during World War II on all German battlefronts. It was proven to be strong and tough and generally positioned in independent tank battalions. What do you think?
Famous saying of General Douglas MacArthur "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." In the US, the Armed Forces Day is commemorated every 3rd Saturday of May. The AF Week starts on the 2nd Saturday of May and concludes on the 3rd Sunday of May that's why the Armed Forces Day falls on Saturday, the day before the Armed Forces Week ends. In the year 2013 the Armed Forces Day falls on May 18. The first celebration or commemoration of this great day was held on the 20th of May 1950. The celebration was made on Aug 31, 1949 to give honor to those Americans who worked and served in the five U.S. military branches namely, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard after integration of the military branches in the U.S. Dept. of Defense. How do you celebrate this day?
A totally different kind of tribute. No words, no gimmicks, just a single Marine and his devotion and appreciation of those who have fallen to protect the American freedom. Don't forget and do not let your friends forget and share it with them.
Generally, tanks from US military forces are good in tactical and strategic mobility, have spot on accuracy and one of the fastest rate of fire. They are oftentimes the most effective and can destroy the bulk of their enemy within minutes. The defect and weakness of these tanks, however, is the insufficient and inadequate side and rear structure of the armor which is subject to troop harm and loss.
This video shot over time shows the transformation of a United States veteran. Jim fights with with not having a home and his drinking problem, but thankfully the ministries have taken him in and given him a second chance. Jim's change is absolutely amazing, and as shown on the recording, the physical difference has also made him change his life for the better. He's now going to AA meetings for the first time ever. No wonder his last name is Wolf :).
This is so sweet: an old World War Two Russian tank vet has finally located the tank he served in which he went through all the war in, erected in little Russian village as a monument and got emotionally affected that people were worried that his heart wouldn't be able to take it.
Tank Overhaul is a place where hobbyists get together to share their knowledge of technology to put some of the amazing tanks of our time back together again. You can watch both a German and an American tank go from parts to their stunning glory again as they are reconstructed. They are currently working on putting a Panther tank back together again. It was actually found at the bottom of a river in Poland and it won't be easy for these professionals to put it back together again. By reconstructing the tank, they are able to take a glimpse into history and better understand the events of WWI.
Here we present to you the top ten fighter planes of World War 2. This list intends to strike a balance between performance and technology with service record and value during wartime.
There's a reason why they're called the Greatest Generation! A group of veterans visiting Washington, DC during the government shutdown didn't very much like the fact that police were blocking them from seeing the WWII Memorial. Instead of listening they just marched past the police officers on the scene and enjoyed their visit. The government shut down closed down all the other memorials, but this couldn't keep out the ninety one veterans who came from the South to see their memorial. Reporters said that the veterans took over the memorial and the police couldn't really do anything to stop them in this non-violent protest. There were even tweets from a news agency about how the vets had knocked down the barriers and entered the memorial. The Honor Flight Network was responsible for bringing the veterans to the National Mall, as they bring vets from all over the country. But of course it wasn't just the vets that were sad when they found out that the National Mall was closed. A forty-four year old woman from Iowa was also interviewed about the memorials being closed, and she was as confused about it as the veterans were. Think of all the tourists which fly thousands of miles and line up at these memorials every single day. That must really suck.
This Light Tank MK VII was invented at the end of the 1930s, however only around 170 of them were actually produced when the assembly line seized to function in 1940s. It was used during the D-Day invasion in 1944 and this MK I Close Support Tetrarch was assigned to 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment, 6th Airborn Division.
Bomb dogs, anti-tank dogs used by the Russian Red Army were true victims because of desperation. The Russians were overwhelmed by the Eastern Front from the German Wehrmacht so they had trained dogs to carry bombs to specific targets. Once they released the device from their teeth the dogs should have gone back to their operator. This was nearly impossible to get them to do this and in the end they just blew up the dog when they reached their target. The average bomb the dogs carried were 26 pounds that was strapped onto them. They were kept deliberately hungry all the time. This made the dogs run to targets thinking they would be fed, totally unaware of their deadly fate. When the dog dived under a tank a lever that was attached to their rig would cause the bomb to detonate on contact. Because it was so effective, Germans began to shoot all dogs on sight out of paranoia. Thought undocumented, there were an estimated 300 German tanks destroyed and over 40,000 dogs used by the Soviets for different Army tasks.
The USS Arizona that sank and still lies on the ocean floor of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, now called the Arizona Memorial is still leaking oil. Pictures taken and investigation by the History Channel indicate that the ship memorial, "Continues to spill up to 9 quarts of oil into the harbor each day." It sounds impossible as the ship was attacked on 7 December, 1941 by the Japanese. Visitors are able to actually walk on a memorial built over the sunken ship and see with their own eyes the actual ship and leaking oil. It's been said that," When the last drop of oil comes up from this mighty ship, that the last of the WWII veterans will have passed." Bless all who have given lives in this war and are still standing watch, God Bless the USA.
What do you know about WWII? One of the most well-known units is the Easy Company, or otherwise known as the "Screaming Eagles". You most likely have heard about them from the book written about their adventures called "Band of Brothers". Take a glance at this quick video showing exactly what they went through for their country in the dangers of war.
In a newly released film with Brad Pitt, a Second World War Tiger 131 tank is being used. The tank was restored in a local museum for the actor Brad Pitt to use in the movie Fury. The tank is normally an exhibit at the museum, but is being used for this special occasion. The director of the museum said that the tank was one of the German weapons that the allies were most afraid of. It is said that the tank could take out another enemy tank from almost a mile away. "The tank was cleaned up so that the people could understand what a scary piece of equipment that this tank would have been during a fight", the curator said. "Finally the whole world will be able to see a real Tiger tank in a modern movie."
When taking a look at all the tanks that were produced during the second World War, putting together a list of the top ten is not easy. That being said, underneath is a list of the top ten that you should take a look at. These beasts were crucial for both sides during the War.
Tank Overhaul extends an invitation to a venue where military hobbyists bring together their knowledge with modern tech to bring back the best war tanks that ever existed. From the original parts, to putting them back together, to the intriguing history behind the technological advancements that made each tank amazing, experience as one US tank and one German tank get built again to their former excellence. Current project: The Elephant - The team hustles to add a Nazi Elephant tank-killer to one of the best tank collections that exists. It was mostly used at the Battle of Kursk and only two of them are left on the planet.
A girl, whose boyfriend is serving in Afghanistan, returned from a doughnut run to find a note on her car – and a gift – from an anonymous veteran. Leave a comment.
In the Second World War Dirk J. Vlug, and American soldier of the US Army left a path of destruction still to this day unequaled by his peers. His feat was almost unbelievable. On 15th of December, 1944, an ordinary private 1st class Dirk J. Vlug from one of the Infantry Regiments single-handedly demolished five enemy tanks. Here is how this incredible feat went down: -He advanced without cover and came under enemy fire (37-mm machine gun). He was carrying a rocket launcher. He carried with him six rounds of ammunition. - After loading up the rocket launcher, he put the first tank to waste. With just a single round the enemy tank was destroyed and all those poor souls inside were killed immediately. -The crew of the second enemy tank started out to where he was stationed for his attack. He killed one by firing his pistol. The others headed back to the tank. With the second round, he shot at the tank and totally destroyed it. -Three tanks rolled up to put end to the destruction. He flanked the first one that came. It was destroyed as well. -Under heavy enemy fire he pressed on and destroyed one more enemy tank. -He used his land round of ammunition to strike the last tank. It crashed onto a steep embankment and was destroyed. To summarize, Vlug managed to singlehandedly annihilate five enemy tanks. He acted on his own to accomplish the mission that was assigned to his whole battalion. One year later, on 26th of June, 1946, Dirk John Vlug was presented the prestigious Medal of Honor. Dirk John Vlug died a hero in 1996. Rest in Peace. Do you have any heroic story that can top this one?
One of the greatest tank destroyer's from the 2nd World War was the M18 Hellcat. It had a 76mm cannon, and it was one of the fastest armored vehicles used for attacking in the war. It could also go up to sixty miles per hour. Buick gave it the name "Hellcat". How was it able to go so fast? The armor used was kept to a minimum so that it wouldn't get weighed down. Since it had the advantage of speed it was much more difficult for the enemy to make a dent in its armor.

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