Incredible film of a lot of great stuff: Machine guns against Unmanned vehicles An event that happens two times a year during a three day weekend with weapons, target practice and equipment in the desert in the western part of Arizona. With a long firing range, and hundreds of participants, it is the biggest place for shooting machine guns in America. This shooting range will put you to the test, plus your gun and your aim. Taking place in Arizona, about ten miles from the town of Wikieup, where you can shoot your targets from a distance. Some targets go along the whole length of the area, and some of them even explode. Have fun!
Now that's entertainment, I will be testing delivery drones. The company called Prime Air is attempting to deliver packages as fast as possible through the use of small, unmanned aircraft. The new delivery system's goal is to have packages in customer's hands well under 30 minutes. Amazon's CEO's thought process is that if Prime Air can be put into commercial use it, though it could take "some number of years" to develop the technology and get (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration to create rules and regulations needed for the concept. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, proudly shared these grand ideas on the CBS TV show, 60 Minutes on Sunday. He then played a video demonstration showing how the aircraft drones, referred to as, "Octocopters" pick up small sized packages. They sit in yellow buckets in Amazon's fulfillment centers and fly through the air to deliver it to online customers.
For the first time a fighter jet (the X-47B) was launched from the surface of an American aircraft carrier. The carrier was a drone which has no human pilot on board. According to defense analyst James Lewis, these unmanned crafts are powerful key in the upcoming fights and wars. According to Vice Admiral Buss aka Navy's Air Boss, the drone is a significant and important impending assimilation of unmanned systems and nuclear powered aircraft carrier that can control and defeat their enemies. The launching of the trial flight of the drone (X-47B) on Tuesday can finally make a way for the US to release the unmanned aircraft anywhere and anytime in the whole world. The U.S. military will no longer require military bases in other countries to launch their planes since the unmanned fighter can be the answer to their air support need. Thoughts?
America has begun an offensive missile launch in Somalia. The strike has been confirmed by two American officials. There wasn't a firm confirmation of where the strike targetted, but it is most likely a leader in al Qaeda. Somali officials have reported that a top military commander was killed inside his car when a missile hit it. American intelligence is still investigating how effective the strike actually was. There has been no confirmation on where drones were used in the strike or if it was carried out in another way.
A US citizen made the huge blunder of actually becoming a part of al-Qaida. Officials in the US government say that he is part of attack plans targeting American citizens abroad, and therefore he must be taken out. President Obama is going back and forth on whether to simply take him out with drones or not and how to do it in a legal way. Currently the government cannot kill him because he is still a citizen of the United States, but they are currently trying to do it in a legal way. The American traitor is currently located in a country where the United States is not allowed to act militarily. It is Obama's policy that American terrorists that are located overseas can only be taken out by military maneuvers, and not by the intelligence agencies. The citizen is believed to be responsible for the deaths of American citizens abroad and he supposedly keeps on planning attacks and engaging in activities that put American lives in danger. The CIA has said that they think he should be killed, but the American terrorist is in a place where it will be difficult to reach him and kill him. If troops are sent in to take him then they will be risking their lives. It could also cause more problems then by simply taking him out with missiles. Currently it is not publicly known in which country the terrorist is hiding away.
The General Atomics Avenger, formerly known as the Predator C is an unmanned combat air vehicle. This war machine is built for the US Military by the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. This drone first took to the air in April 4, 2009. The Avenger is different from other drones like MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper (Predator B) because it has stealth features and a turbofan engine. The stealth features of this vehicle are: 1) S-shaped exhaust for lower heat and decreased radar signature, 2) internal weapons storage. This new Avenger drone is capable of carrying the Lynx aperture radar equipment and supporting MQ-9 weapons. It can also be fitted with the electro-optical targeting system (EOTS) similar to that of the F-35 Lightning II. This drone also has the ALERT (Advanced Low-observable Embedded Reconnaissance Targeting) system. The General Atomics Avenger requires similar ground supportive systems as the MQ-9 & MQ-1 models. The infrastructure, communications networks, and ground control center are no different.

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