Tank PL-01 idea invented by Polish businesses and a large English company. The tank has a unique look and can be completely changed around to fit the user's preference. Tank and men The tank is not a heavy construction that has a goal of fighting other vehicles in combat. The PL-01 lets 3 crew to be seated inside the vehicle, which allows for more armor against outside threats like explosives and mines. It has a new age, ceramic armor that has many different layers. New hybrid The tank will use steel or rubber tracks to move along the ground, with a drive that is powered by an engine that is a hybrid. The vehicle can drive at fast speeds wherever it pleases. It can easily go through water as well. Lots of firing options The tower has modules, and it allows for a mount that has an auto ammo feed system located on the backside of the tower. It also has a machine gun and a selection of weapons that can be controlled by remote, plus a larger calibre rifle and a grenade launcher. It is both ready to fight at night and during the day. It lets the drivers observe enemies during the day and night. There will also be an auto detection system for missiles and for partnered forces. Everything will be connected to one system which will be the head behind the guns. This is one of the most powerful tanks out there. The Polish tank PL-01 will begin being manufactured near 2020.
Check out what happens when and iPhone goes up against a Barrett M82a1 50 caliber … in slow motion! Yeah, I know it's really not fair for the iPhone, well maybe it is, but it's amazing to see how the Barrett takes it out with ease. It has amazing accuracy and can take out targets from long range. It can fire both military and civilian ammunition. It can also fire in any type of environment. If you want to see the shooting begin in the video, just skip ahead to the two-minute mark and enjoy the iPhone destruction.
A 6-barreled machine gun, the M134 Minigun can fire from two thousand to six thousand rounds of ammunition every minute.On the barrel is a Gatling gun style rotating device that is powered by external means, but in general an electric motor. It's called "Mini" because of the other designs that came out inkling the M62 Vulcan that had a caliber of twenty mm or higher. When we say "Minigun" it is in a reference to a gun that GE created originally, but the term "minigun" normally means a Gatling gun style of rifle with an external power source. Of course this term is still used when talking about other types of weapons even if they don't have a power source or a specific caliber.
It was a very sad day in Izhevsk, a Russian city where the infamous assault rifle AK-47 is produced. Its inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov has died at a ripe age of 94. He had been plagued by heart-related problems for years now, so it comes as no surprise, however, it is still sad to see him go. However, AK-47 is here to stay, so Mikhail's legacy lives on.
My god, this is by far the best footage of slow motion automatic weapon firing that I have ever seen. Gamers have their own virtual guns, but it does not even come close to this. It is a marvel of beauty to watch this in slow motion. Thanks to the Slow Mo Guys to who made this happened.

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