In late 2008, a couple of rusting remains of WWII tanks were found about 10 miles off the coast in West Sussex. Experts identified them as the premiere Centaur CS IV, based mainly on the artillery. This was the only known Centaur model to witness the fighting in war. It was fitted with 51 rounds of ammo (95mm howitzer). These amphibians had waterproof engine inlets and wading gear for helping them ashore and waterproof covers were fitted to their fighting machine's guns. The tanks were proudly used by the Royal Marines. According to historians the tanks found were two of 80 tanks that were headed out on D-Day to the beaches of France. How the rusting pair sank is still unknown though. A total of 114 Centaur CS IV tanks were ever made and the current number of surviving units is only four.
The biggest RC plane was made by three Belgian men and these three were included in Guinness Book of Worlds Records for their invention. The plane has an area of 8.9 meters, engine is 160 cc and it has weight of 210 kg. It is fabricated on a measure of 1/5 of the B29. The RC plane is huge and can carry three people to soar in the sky.
Young, 24 year old, U.S. Marine, Alex Minsky's life has drastically changed from the life he lead three years ago after serving in the Iraqi War. He is a very young honored recipient of the Purple Heart award. He survived the loss of his leg in Afghanistan, 47 days in a coma and came very close to death. However, Alex had a "never say die" attitude which brought him back into the swing of life. His mother said, "His brain was basically disconnected" after he was hit by a roadside bomb. Though at the end he did turn to alcohol to help him out through the hard times. Check this video how he pulled through and managed to turn his life around.
Did you ever want to have your own tank? Now you can build it. A smaller scale Sherman tank can be all yours if you follow the instructions outlined in this video. If you want to learn more about building scaled models of tanks, just visit .
Check out how you can make a brand new tank model looking like a battle driven vehicle. This guy is amazing how he makes the tank looks totally real. His pro tutorial can be applied to any tank model and he only uses water based colors. The WW2 prototype of the Panther II tank came about when Hitler needed more armor on tanks as he thought the original Panther was not tough enough.
OBRUM in cooperation with British BAE Systems created a Design Polish tank direct support. During the International Defense Industry Exhibition which was held in 2nd September, 2013, a model of the new tank design was revealed. Layout PL-01 is not very different from the main tanks. However, the driver is at the front of the vehicle while the turret (unmanned) is found at the back. The gunner and commander can both fit in the interior while the rear can accommodate as many as 4 soldiers. The target completion of the prototype is the year 2016 and the mass production is set to begin two years after in 2018. I can't wait to see this beauty in action. What do you think?

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