The Marauder - a heavy duty military terrain vehicle which leaves no tree standing. It can even go up against some high end explosives. Join me on a journey through South Africa where Richard Hammond pushes the limits of this beast.
The Second World War was the greatest battle of the technical age, and the tank vehicle was its greatest symbol. The crew who battled from within tanks had first hand knowledge of a lot of the fight taking place in France, the vast deserts in Africa or Italy being invaded, to D Day, and the war ending in Germany.
The oil-rich country and world's youngest state of South Sudan was on the edge of civil war and nasty rebellions arose across the nation. On Friday African diplomats and U. S President Barack Obama called for reconciliation among the government and the people. The country's revolution has already took hundreds of lives and may still increase. Thousands of citizens are looking for protection from the United Nations Security Council as they fear that rebellion may get worse. The United Nations Security Council is alarmed thus prepared emergency consultations and conferences on the nation's predicament. Obama said that "South Sudan's uprising may cause the country to fall into the dim eras of the past. The nation is at its perilous time. The freedom and independence the people of South Sudan enjoying since July 2011 is at stake as the civil war rages warned Obama. The ruthless civil war between the years 1983-2005 tolled to over two million casualties which concluded in a peace negotiation that paved the way for the poor South Sudan to have its independence two years ago. President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. Defense to deploy 45 military personnel to protect the U.S. Embassy and the government staff in troubled and distressed nation of South Sudan. Obama said in a letter to Congress that "Although equipped for combat, this force was deployed for the purpose of protecting U.S. citizens and its property. This force will remain in South Sudan until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed." Leave a comment.
The M32 MGL, or otherwise knows as Multiple Grenade Launcher, was made in South Africa by Milkor Ltd.. It is a 40mmm six shot grenade launcher that has 40 mm. It was created by the South African military in the early eighties and then put into use in 1983. Over the years it was slowly adapted for use by the military in other countries and police forces all over the world. Since being invented they have made over fifty thousand units.

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