Have you ever noticed that at some cemeteries, on the headstone, you can find coins left on them. Did you ever wonder where they came from and WHY they were there? If these coins were left on a soldier's grave who lost his live while in the US military then there are different meanings based upon which type of coin someone left. By leaving a coin on a soldier's grave it is meant as a sign of respect for the family. If you just leave a penny it simply means that you have been there. It's not disrespectful, but it doesn't carry special meaning. If there's a nickel it means that the person who left it participated in training with the deceased. If a dime is left then it means that the person who left it served with the deceased. A quarter left indicates that the person was with the deceased at the time of their death. The money left at the graves is eventually collected and used for the general upkeep and for helping people with the costs of burying their loved ones at the cemetery. In the United States it started to be normal for people to do this during the time of the Vietnam War since there was such a separation of viewpoints towards the war at the time. It was an easier way to show your support towards the family than contacting them. You should show your respect without risking a political confrontation with the family. In some circumstances the coins left were a symbol of treating their friends to a beer when they finally met up again in the world beyond. This tradition can be seen as far back as the Romans where they also did the same practice. Have you ever left a coin?
Finally after more than 2 years after the target date, the Federal Reserve declared on Wednesday that the newly redesigned 100 dollar bill will be in circulation this coming fall. In order to avoid forgers and bogus notes, the reformatted bill is composed of blue, 3-D security ribbon and a fading Liberty Bell in an inkwell as supplementary safety features. The Fed has tentatively set a target date of Oct 8,2013. The redesigned note had been projected to spread in February 2011. But in December 2010, the officers decided to suspend it to indefinite period. They said they required more time to resolve fabrication concerns that left unwanted creases in many of the bills. They wanted to perfect the new formatted bill. What do you think?
President Obama said, "I will sign it immediately. We'll begin reopening our government immediately." He also vowed that as soon as possible, things will get back up and running. Late Wednesday night the Senate brokered bill was passed by the House. This bill will raise the government's debt ceiling as well as fully reopen the government. Though it took long bitter weeks of stalemates, it gave way to frenetic hours of legislative actions on Wednesday. It resulted in being able to address the latest budgetary crisis the federal government has been in. More fights on the budget will certainly come forth, along with more episodes of bi-partisanship, though rare. The Treasury Department had forewarned the nation that on 16 December 2013 we could run out of money and not be able to pay our bills because of our ever growing debt and our borrowing limits. The incredible work of our rapid moving congress hindered this by their hard work to raise our debt ceiling/borrowing limit.
To raise money for a kid's charity, After School All-Stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger will let one lucky fan and friend ride in a tank with him - and even enjoy a cigar together if they wish and are old enough. The 66 year old actor of the film "The Escape Plan "also stated that donating gives everyone a chance to also win the ride with him.
The federal government shutdown gives an adverse and negative result to some families whose loved ones are killed for the service of the nation. They will not receive the assistance and aid from the government to cover the cost of funeral and other expenses entitled to them by the death of their beloved. The denial of support brings more pain and suffering to the family. Over the weekend, five U.S. service members were slayed in Afghanistan and their families were informed that they will not receive the $100,000.00 for burial expenses and death gratuity. Generally this benefit is received within 36 hours from the time of death. The money is used to help the surviving family needs until they recuperate. The amount is also used to augment the budget of flying to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to view the remains of their loved ones in flag-draped caskets. According to Gayle Tzemach Lemmon of the Council on Foreign Relations, the government in Washington is not in session, however, we are still requiring people to go to war for us. And if something happens, the rest of the families are left hanging. What are your thoughts?
I'd like to pocket this tank, even though, it is Chinese Yuan that this tank is made out of. Xu Zhen, a talented Chinese artist used a whole lot of Renminbi banknotes to make his art piece. If you are in Beijing, go check it out at the Ullens-Centre for Contemporary Art.

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