Let women serve! The video below is the tribute to all the brave women Marines who have given everything to have the right to defend the USA. Be it Afghanistan or Iraq, they more often then not are in line of fire, so give them some respect. They are helping to protect the country. Oorah! Semper Fi!
Every small-town guy thinks that he would never take this kind of abuse. However, when that kid gets to recruit training he quickly discovers that he'll do it and he'll like it. Welcome to a backstage view of the training that Marines go through in Parris Island facility. The Drill Instructors are just like they are portrayed in the movies and it's incredible once they finally let you sleep, which is about fifty tough hours from the time we got there, and those lights go out, each one of us in our beds, I could hear a lot of them crying softly in their bed. And I'm not even exaggerating.
The world is large and this video is a tribute dedicated to all the men and women of the US armed forces protecting their country in all the corners of the globe. God Bless all our brave soldiers. We all gave some, but some did not hesitate to give all. Semper Fi.
Hilarious images about what can happen when the troops get bored. Even the toughest Navy Seals, Sailors, Marines and Airmen need a break once in a while.
In Russia, sunbathers were surprised when a hovercraft interrupted a peaceful day at the beach. Hundreds of people became first hand eyewitnesses to the unexpected landing of a 60-meter military hovercraft. The beach was packed with beach-goers, sunbathers and tourists when without a warning the hovercraft approached. There were no injuries but it was reported that the people were afterwards surrounded by Russian military paratroopers. This air-cushioned landing military craft is the Soviet-designed Zubr-class, which is the biggest hovercraft in the world as of 2012. Currently, there are nine active and operational hovercrafts of this kind in the world. It can plant and transport mines and it can sea-lift tanks or marines (assault units) from both non-equipped and equipped vessels to the shore. The hovercraft is being used by the Greek Navy, The Ukrainian Navy and the Russian Navy. Here are the specifications of the Zubr hovercraft: - Cargo area: 400 sq. meters (4,300 sq ft) - Fuel capacity: 56 tons - Cargo capacity: 3 main battle tanks (maximum of 150 tonnes) 10 armored vehicles plus 140 troops (maximum of 131 tonnes) 8 armored personnel carriers (maximum of 115 tonnes) 8 amphibious tanks around 500 troops Here's the video of that incident:

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