Throughout time bombers have been the main influence on the field of battle. These are the cream of the crop. Check out the best 10 bombers from history.
Here we present to you the top ten fighter planes of World War 2. This list intends to strike a balance between performance and technology with service record and value during wartime.
The art of war has since evolved especially in the past two decades. In the 21st century the Air Force of any country has become the backbone of its defense strategy. The Air Force is now an integral element in ensuring a country's security from invasion of other sovereign states. The general agreement is that with evidence of clear air dominance no other country will dare strike a particular territory. The past twenty years has seen numerous advancements in flight technology and in aeronautical engineering. These days, fighter jets are not just faster and more capable of advanced maneuvers. They are also better equipped and have more capability for waging war. Now, electronic warfare is the norm and communications are radar have improved by leaps and bounds. These fighter planes are also designed with better visual range and increased missile range. In addition there is greater availability of a wider range of weapons that can be carried by supersonic jet planes. At this moment, the evolution of fighter jets is still ongoing. Scientists are currently hard at work to create jets that are not only stealthy and difficult to detect but they aspire to build better ones that are virtually impossible. Here, we have made for you a compilation of the top ten fighter jets that are being used by armies all over the world. The list is based on the following criteria: evaluation of the jets performance in warfare and their advanced features.
When there is a war, not only the politicians & soldiers are affected, but many more are affected by it. For instance, at the time of the Vietnam War, the farmers of South Vietnam were gravely affected by it. The fighter jets were flying over countryside all the time. These military tactical jet planes depend heavily upon the JP-8 fuel which is loaded in external fuel tanks. However, once the fuel has been used, they are abandoned for reducing the total weight of aircraft. Fuel tanks like these were scattered throughout the country. However, they were later recovered and used for a better purpose. What other use could you find for these fuel tanks?
You might not be aware, but the Allied pilots during the second World War called the mysterious things they saw in the air over Europe and the Pacific "Foo Fighters". They first saw these in late 1944 when planes operating in German airspace saw quick circular objects that seemed to glow in pursuit of their planes. They described these as being on fire and orange, white, or red. They were even described as looking like the lights you'd put on your tree at Christmas. Tried as they could, they couldn't fly away from these lights or shoot them down. Of course with all the technological advances of the time, these mysteries were taken seriously by the military since they might have been some top secret weapon created by the Nazis or the Japanese. The best scientists of the time tried to figure out what they were, but it was never solved. Unfortunately the military has never released this top secret information the the public, so it remains a mystery.
The US Senate has taken up the vote to cut down military spending, as a result of which the F-22 fighter, worth around $350 million is directly affected. Below is a list of aircrafts used by the military and their hefty price tags.
For the first time a fighter jet (the X-47B) was launched from the surface of an American aircraft carrier. The carrier was a drone which has no human pilot on board. According to defense analyst James Lewis, these unmanned crafts are powerful key in the upcoming fights and wars. According to Vice Admiral Buss aka Navy's Air Boss, the drone is a significant and important impending assimilation of unmanned systems and nuclear powered aircraft carrier that can control and defeat their enemies. The launching of the trial flight of the drone (X-47B) on Tuesday can finally make a way for the US to release the unmanned aircraft anywhere and anytime in the whole world. The U.S. military will no longer require military bases in other countries to launch their planes since the unmanned fighter can be the answer to their air support need. Thoughts?
F22 might have a new friend in the sky Either of these planes have what it takes to succeed: sigint, maneuver superiority, CAP, electronic warfare etc. It could be complicated to compare T50 with F22 at this stage. We need to see them in action on a battlefield to declare a clear winner.
Check out these amazing flybys from all the corners of the world. Hats off to all the Air Force pilots. Keep up the good work.

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