A fresh-faced Marine proves to use that it truly is the nice guys that finish last. While in the J.D. Memorial run race in Michigan a soldier stopped running to help a young boy complete the competition. The soldier put his own goals aside to help the small boy reach the finish line. He was Myles Kerr. When looking at the results for the race you can see that the soldier ended up in last place. Now thousands of people online are honoring his sacrifice and sharing it to show that his act of kindness meant a lot more than just what Brandon Fuchs, the 9-year old who got help, could imagine.
There's a reason why they're called the Greatest Generation! A group of veterans visiting Washington, DC during the government shutdown didn't very much like the fact that police were blocking them from seeing the WWII Memorial. Instead of listening they just marched past the police officers on the scene and enjoyed their visit. The government shut down closed down all the other memorials, but this couldn't keep out the ninety one veterans who came from the South to see their memorial. Reporters said that the veterans took over the memorial and the police couldn't really do anything to stop them in this non-violent protest. There were even tweets from a news agency about how the vets had knocked down the barriers and entered the memorial. The Honor Flight Network was responsible for bringing the veterans to the National Mall, as they bring vets from all over the country. But of course it wasn't just the vets that were sad when they found out that the National Mall was closed. A forty-four year old woman from Iowa was also interviewed about the memorials being closed, and she was as confused about it as the veterans were. Think of all the tourists which fly thousands of miles and line up at these memorials every single day. That must really suck.
Did you know that it could be against the law to display the Korean War Memorial's statue soldiers on the internet? This is the world we live in. A court hearing between the designer of the memorial Frank Gaylord and the US Government and Postal Service is the cause of this. Even the almighty Wikipedia has put a censorship over the photo: http://bit.ly/OhCmonNow What is your take on this?
Nationalism? Seeing the urge of helping the nation in the face of government shutdown, a mysterious bearded man with complete garden paraphernalia was surprisingly spotted mowing the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial. The vast of the garden lawn which has been mowed of the closed federal monument was not determined. The Park Police with some officers were alarmed and commanded the unidentified man to leave the place for he entered the place without authority. The man was not apprehended and left the place. Is there a problem in doing this? Why did they not allow this volunteer to finish the task for he has done it willingly? Share your thoughts.
The riot police chase after veterans who are trying to free the memorials from being blocked in front of the White House. This is a big difference from the recent rally on immigration that happened on the National Mall where there were very few problems with police. "You have the lawful obligation to closely examine the legitimacy of all orders that you get," said a poster on the White House fence. "You will be held accountable for your actions by the law, your fellow man, and by God for everything you do". What do you think?
The Oise-Aisne is an American military cemetery that is located in the northern part of France. There are over six thousand American men who lost their lives while serving in this area during the first World War, almost six hundred that are unknown, and also a memorial for the over 240 Americans who were never found. The Mysterious Plot E There is another area of the cemetery that not everyone knows about. This is named as "Plot E". The men placed here were executed for crimes against their country that they committed during the war. It's not easy to get there, and visitation is not suggested. This area is only accessible through a special door. The 'graves' are just nameless stones put on the ground, with only a number to tell who it is. The initial intent was that you wouldn't be able to find out who was buried there, but later on the government released the names. A cemetery work described the area as a shameful house and an anti memorial. What do you think?
The USS Arizona that sank and still lies on the ocean floor of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, now called the Arizona Memorial is still leaking oil. Pictures taken and investigation by the History Channel indicate that the ship memorial, "Continues to spill up to 9 quarts of oil into the harbor each day." It sounds impossible as the ship was attacked on 7 December, 1941 by the Japanese. Visitors are able to actually walk on a memorial built over the sunken ship and see with their own eyes the actual ship and leaking oil. It's been said that," When the last drop of oil comes up from this mighty ship, that the last of the WWII veterans will have passed." Bless all who have given lives in this war and are still standing watch, God Bless the USA.
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'. The Rolling Thunder biker rally during Memorial Day is a classic annual event in Washington DC. The video below is a music tribute to these grateful bikers who choose to honor our brave POWs (prisoners of war) and MIAs (missing in action) soldiers. God Bless America and country :).
Representative Randy Neugebauer, a Texas lawmaker interrogated the park warden of the National World War II Memorial for setting barriers and hindering veterans to enter the said National Park. He said that National Park Service ought to provide an apology to the public from restraining the veterans of the war to visit the said place. He added that he cannot understand the notion of barring the Memorial and preventing the veterans from entering the place. He asked the warden firmly why the veterans are treated that way and the warden answered that it is difficult situation and she apologized for any inconvenience. Rep. Neugebauer joined a large group of legislators and concerned citizens that were protesting at the memorial after the news on Tuesday that the site has been locked up as a result of shutdown. Is this a mockery? What do you think?
The Boot Monument in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York is an American Revolutionary War Memorial. This commemorative landmark was put up in honor of the services of an unnamed Major General in the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga. Although this memorial does not honor anyone in particular, many of those who are familiar with American history know that the officer given the honor is Benedict Arnold. He was an American general during the American Revolutionary War who eventually defected to the British Army. The reason why Benedict Arnold's name is not openly mentioned is that he has become infamous as a traitor to the American people. In the Battle of Saratoga, the Continental Army won over the British Army and his great contribution to this battle won him the admiration of the people who erected the monument in his honor. During the battle Arnold got wounded in the leg near the site where the monument can now be found. The Battle of Saratoga was his last battle. It ended his career. After his treachery became known to everyone, Arnold became the subject of spite. Benjamin Franklin wrote this about Arnold: "Judas sold only one man, Arnold millions." What do you think about this traitor?

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